Naisten kausi puolessa välissä — valmentajan katsaus menneeseen ja tulevaan


FC Espoon naisten edustusjoukkue on kesätauolla. Alkukausi on ollut vaikeampi, kuin etukäteen osattiin odottaa.

Päävalmentaja Sabatino Ventre: "I would say that the season to date hasn't been of the standard we set out for ourselves. We had difficulties adapting to a new formation which is quite normal at the beginning and we have lost a bit of our focus at times in games because of it. Other factors have contributed to our rather slow start to this season but there's no excuses, we just haven't been of the standard we showed last year.


I'm confident that if we show the ability and determination that we did prior to our break then we can look to move up places in the division. It's quite an open league this year with a lot of teams competing for the first place. Compared to the other 2 divisions, the race for the top spot is between 6 or 7 teams and it makes every game important. I believe we have the talent and desire to put a good run of results together and then we will see where it takes us."

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